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Our Dental Procedures and Services

Everyone at Legacy Dental Group is proud of the excellent services we provide. Dedication, insight, and experience are what makes us state of the art healthcare providers. Our primary focus is to offer world class dental procedures and services to your entire family in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Through thoughtful planning, our restorative dental services can help you get the smile and healthy mouth you deserve by basing our treatment recommendations on your specific needs, concerns, and wishes. We can provide most dental services in our office including cosmetic procedures such as crowns, veneers and whitening, dental implants to replace missing teeth, Invisalign Orthodontics, Gum Disease Treatment and general dental care such as professional dental cleanings and fillings as needed.

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Dental Implants

In the case of a single tooth or multiple teeth that have been lost as a result of an accident, fracture, or other reason, we can place dental implants that will support new natural-looking teeth. So if you have been living with missing teeth, or even just a single missing tooth, let us talk to you about restoring appearance and function through the placement of implants. For our patients with dentures, dental implants are the perfect solution for loose or unstable appliances. They can even help eliminate removable dentures completely.


Not ready for a dental implant? Dental bridges can also replace missing teeth in many situations. A bridge is a fixed restoration that is designed to place a natural-looking artificial tooth in the space created by the missing tooth by connecting to the teeth on either side of the space.

Why Should I replace a missing tooth?

When a tooth is missing, it creates a void that often disrupts the function and health of your mouth. The neighboring teeth can drift, tip, and even hyper-erupt which can, in turn, cause your bite to change, create places where food and bacteria can be trapped, or break otherwise healthy teeth. At Legacy Dental Group, we want to help you keep your mouth healthy and happy through proper diagnosis and treatment planning for your specific needs.


A tooth can breakdown due to many reasons such as decay or fracture. When properly diagnosed, the tooth can be saved by placing a crown to restore its strength, shape and appearance. At Legacy, we believe in considering all factors thus helping you plan for the proper restoration of any tooth that is broken or decayed. Legacy dentists will also advise our patients as to what teeth may be at risk for future problems so they may be proactively crowned before a problem occurs. Our crowns are designed specifically for you by one of our first-class dental laboratories so that we can restore each tooth to blend in with your natural teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

As your dental care partners, we understand that beautiful, healthy teeth can raise self-esteem and instill confidence. If you are happy with your smile, that is great! But if there is anything you would like to change, we have several options to help you create a smile that you can be proud of for many years to come.


If you just want to brighten your smile, teeth whitening may be the perfect solution for you. We offer two methods—in-office and at-home processes. Get a brighter smile in one appointment with our in-office ZOOM (need to add the TM) whitening system that can make your teeth three to eight shades lighter. The procedure begins with a preparation period followed by as little as 45 minutes of whitening. We also have great success with various at-home whitening systems that use custom-made trays that you wear for as little as 30 minutes a day. This method takes more time, but patients can whiten at home according to their own schedule. Plus, many patients will simply purchase additional whitening product every year or two to do touch ups as they want.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin, strong porcelain shells that are bonded to the front surface of the teeth. Designed and crafted by the expert laboratory technicians, veneers can be used to correct discolored teeth, chips, gaps, and mildly misaligned teeth in certain cases. Two office visits are required four weeks apart. Porcelain veneers are a beautiful, natural-looking solution to giving you the smile you deserve.


Cosmetic bondingCosmetic bonding is an affordable solution for many patients. Often completed in one visit, composite material is artfully bonded to your natural teeth. It can solve many cosmetic dentistry problems including stained, chipped, gapped, or slightly misaligned teeth. For more severely misaligned teeth, orthodontic treatment may be required. Bonding may not be as long lasting as Porcelain Veneers but they last up to ten years before needing to be redone. The longevity is dependent on your food and beverage preferences as well as oral habits, which will be reviewed with you before proceeding with treatment. It is a good alternative for many patients who would like to improve their smile.

Preventive and General Care

At Legacy Dental Group, we believe in providing all our patients the best preventive care available based on your specific needs. Beyond your general dental checkup and professional teeth cleaning, we use a risk assessment approach to your oral health with a goal to prevent as much unplanned dental care as possible. So, for those who simply want to maintain a healthy smile to those who are looking for a sophisticated dental reconstruction, we are here to meet your needs and help you maintain a healthy beautiful mouth.

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"This is absolutely the best dentist in the Birmingham area. You won’t believe the transformation of your smile."

-Christophe D.
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